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Date Posted Title Excerpt Listen Downloads
Jul 29, 2017 “Obedience to Be Great” “Obedience to Be Great” Mark 12:28-31 May 7,2017 Listen Download
Jul 29, 2017 In All Love” “In All Love” Mark 12:28-31 April 23,2017“In All Love” Listen Download
Jul 29, 2017 “The Call For All” “The Call For All” Matthew 28:16-20 Listen Download
Jul 29, 2017 Easter Sunday Easter Sunday “More Precious Than Jewels” Luke 24:36-40 Listen Download
Apr 10, 2017 “Palm Sunday” Deacon Gary Conner A Palm Sunday Message By Deacon Gary Conner from John 12. Listen Download
Apr 2, 2017 “The Difference Between Worship and Betrayal” Listen Download